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1   ALAIN-FOURNIER: Le Grand Meaulnes  [ Bognummer: 68098 ] Paris: Éditions Vialetay, printed by Pierre Gaudin and René Jeanne, 1965. With 25 original lithographs of which 11 are full-page and 6 are double page, by Gaston Barret printed by Eugènie Degave at Mourlot + 2 suites of all the lithographs, 5 lithographs 'non retenues' and 1 'bon à tirer' + 2 original drawings by Gaston Barret, signed by the artist. Fol. 230 + (10) pp. Uncut copy bound with topedge gilt and the original lithographed wrapper in full green levant morocco. Covers with a large interlocking composition of numerous gilt tooled triangles. Smooth spine, lettered in gilt. Lime coloured suède doublures and endpapers.
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Pris DKK 12.500,00
2   APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME: Ombre de Mon Amour.  [ Bognummer: 166845 ] Avec de nombreux documents et dessins inédits. Genève: Cailler 1947. Illustr. 176 pp. Clean and well-preserved uncut copy with top edge gilt bound with original covers and spine in beautiful private binding partly in black leather, partly in red paper with gilt lettering on spine and blue and white decoration and goldline on boards. Binding signed G. de Coster.
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Pris DKK 1.500,00
3   BERNANOS, GEORGES: Jeanne Relapse et Sainte.  [ Bognummer: 68978 ] Paris: Le Livre Contemporain 1951. Illustr. with colourlithographs by Jacques Vallery-Radot. 4to. Limited to 130 copies. 76 pp. Uncut copy bound with orig. wrappers and topdedge gilt in full blue morocco and light vellum with onlays and gilt decorations (Gras).
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Pris DKK 17.500,00
4   LOUYS, PIERRE: La Femme et le Pantin.  [ Bognummer: 166771 ] Paris: Albin Michel [1933?]. With 42 etchings in colour by Coussens. 4to. [4] + 164 pp. Limited to 430 copies. Clean and well-preserved copy with all edges gilt and wide margin bound with orig. wrappers and spine in nice full darkbrown morocco with gilt lettering on spine, gilt lines on edges and inner gilt lines. Binding signed D.L. Martin. In box.
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Pris DKK 25.000,00
5   MONTHERLANT, HENRY de: La Rédemption par les Bêtes.  [ Bognummer: 166768 ] Paris: Aux dépens d'un amateur 1959. With 22 lithographs by Bonnard, 4 full-page and 1 double-page. 4to. 116 pp. Clean and well-preserved uncut copy with top edge gilt bound in full morocco decorated in mosaic pattern in different coloured skin in the shape of animals. Signed [A.] Devauchelle. Housed in box with skin edges.
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Pris DKK 12.000,00
6   VERHAEREN, ÉMILE: Les tendresses premières.  [ Bognummer: 166765 ] 1st edition. Bruxelles: Deman 1904. Title-page in green and black, with title-vignette in same green colour together with headlines in green. 92 pp. Limited to 35 copies. Clean and well-preserved uncut copy with wide margin and top edge gilt bound with orig. wrappers in nice contemporary halfvellum with gilt lettering on spine.
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Pris DKK 3.000,00