The Costume Of The Russian Empire. Costumes De L'empire De Russie

[ALEXANDER, WILLIAM]:  [ Bognummer: 164911 ] London: William Miller 1803. With 73 fine handcoloured stipple-engraved plates by J. Dadley after J.G. Georgi, each with two pages of accompanying text in both English and French. Folio. [20] pp. + plates. Bound with all edges chiseled gilt in contemporary full green morocco richly gilt on spine, boards and with inner ornamental goldborder. Old name on free endpaper. Binding weakly marked of use.
Depicting peoples and their costumes from the vast Russian Empire at the end of the long reign of Catherine the Great, including people from Lapland, Finland, Esthonia, and more. 1. A Laplander. 2. A Female Inhabitant of Lapland. 3. A Peasant of Finland. 4. A Female Peasant of Finland. 5. A Woman of Finland. 6. A Woman of Esthonia. 7. An Esthonian Girl. 8. A Female Peasant of Ingria. 9. A Tcheremhisian Woman. 10. Back of a Tcheremhisian Woman. 11. A Tcheremhisian Woman, in her summer dress. 12. A Tchouvashian Female. 13. A Female Mordvine. 14. A Female Mordvine, shewing the back part of her dress. 15. A Mordvine of the Mokshan Tribe. 16. An Old Mordvine Woman of the Mokshan Tribe. 17. A Votiakian Woman. 18. An Ostiak, of the Obe. 19. An Ostiak, in his winter hunting dress. 20. A Female Ostiak. 21. A Tartar of Kazan. 22. A Female Tartar of Kazan. 23. A Female Tartar of Kazan, shewing the back part of her dress. 24. A Female Tartar of Tchatska. 25. A Female Tartar of the Nagai Tribe. 26. A Kabardinian. 27. A Kabardinian Woman. 28. A Boukharian of Siberia. 29. A Bashkirian Woman. 30. A Mestscherakian Woman. 31. A Barabinzian Woman. 32. A Barabinzian Girl. 33. A Kirghi on Horseback. 34. A Female Kirghi. 35. A Female Katchintzian Tartar. 36. A Female Schaman. 37. A Female Schaman, shewing the back part of her dress. 38. A Female Tartar, of the Tribe of Teleouti. 39. A Female Tartar, of the Teleouti Tribe, shewing the back part of her dress. 40. A Yakouti Tartar. 41. A Female Yakouti. 42. An Unmarried Female Yakouti. 43. A Samoyed. 44. A Female Samoyed. 45. A Female Samoyed, in her summer dress. 46. A Tungoose. 47. A Schaman of the Tungoosi. 48. An Inhabitant of Kamtshatka, in his winter dress. 49. A Female of Kamtshatka, in her common dress. 50. A Female of Kamtshatka, with her child. 51. A Woman of Kamtshatka, in her best dress. 52. A Schaman of Kamtshatka. 53. A Koriak. 54. A Koriak, in his dress of ceremony. 55. A Female Koriak. 56. A Woman of Tschutski, in her common dress. 57. A Woman of Tschutski, preparing skins. 58. An Aleutian. 59. A Kurilian. 60. A Kalmuk. 61. A Female Kalmuk. 62. A Female Bratzkiye. 63. A Bratzkian Woman, of Udinskoi Ostrog. 64. A Bratzkian Schaman, or female magician. 65. A Mongole Woman. 66. A Mongole Priest, or Lama. 67. A Mongloe Schaman. 68. A Merchant of Kalouga. 69. A Woman of Kalouga, in her summer dress. 70. A Merchant's Wife of Kalouga, in her winter dress. 71. An Unmarried Female of Waldai. 72. A Married Oman of Waldai. 73. A Russian Peasant. Lipperheide 1342. Colas 702.
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