Porcelain Of The National Palace Museum. Complete Set In 33 Volumes

 [ Bognummer: 165759 ] Compiled by the Joint Board of Directors of the National Palace Museum and the National Centrua Museum, Taichun, Taiwan, Republic of China. Hong Kong: Cafa Company Limited 1961-69. 14 volumes in 33 books. Hong Kong: Cafa 1961-69. With numerous colour photographic plates. Folio. Very clean and well-preserved set bound in publisher's cloth, with pictorial dust jackets and in original cardboard slipcases. Total weight c. 80 kg: shipping within Europe DKK c. 3.000, outside Europe DKK c. 7.000.
A rare complete set of the collection of all the best pieces of porcelains in the National Palace Museum Collection. 'All the pieces thus illustrated and described in Chinese and English represent the best of the Chinese ceramic art of the various periods concerned and are mostly not to be found anywhere else outside the Museum. This is an outstanding feature of these catalogues which, while satisfying the aesthetic sense of the gneral reader, will facilitate studies by the connoisseur'. First edition. This comprehensive work includes the following: Volume 1: Chun Ware of the Sung Dynasty. Volume 2: Ju Ware of the Sung Dynasty. Volume 3 Ting Ware of the Sung Dynasty 1-2. Volume 4 Ko Ware of the Sung Dynasty 1-2. Volume 5: Kuan Ware of the Sung Dynasty. Volume 6: Kuan Ware of the Southern Sung Dynasty 1-3. [1-2: Hsiue-Nei-Ssu Kuan Ware. 3: Chiao-T'an-Hsia Kuan Ware]. Volume 7: Lung-Ch'un Ware of Sung Dynasty. Volume 8: Underglaze Red Ware of Ming Dynasty. Volume 9: Blue & White Porcelain of the Ming Dynasty 1-6. [1: Huang Wu and Yung Lo Ware. 2: Hsuan Te Ware I-II. 3: Cheng Hua Ware. 4: Hung Chih Ware. 5: Chia-Ching Ware. 6: Lung Ch'ing & Wan Li Ware]. Volume 10: Enamelled Ware of the Ming Dynasty 1-3. Volume 11: Fine-Enamelled (Ku-Yueh-Hsuan) Ware of the Ch'ing Dynasty 1-5. [1: K'ang His. 2: Yung-Cheng I-II. 3: Ch'ien-Lung I-II. Volume 12 Blue-and-White Ware of the Ch'ing Dynasty 1-2. Volume 13 Monochrome Ware of the Ming Dynasty 1-2. Volume 14 Enamelled Ware of the Ch'ing Dynasty 1-2.
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