Der Messias

[KLOPSTOCK, FRIEDRICH G.]:  [ Bognummer: 166995 ] 1st edition. 2 vols. Koppenhagen: Lillie 1755. With copperengraved frontispiece. [20] + 182 + [2]; [12] + 160 pp. Well-preserved copy with wide margin and all edges gilt bound in one contemporary full leatherbinding richly gilt on spine and with ornamental border on boards.
A very attractive copy of this rare main work by Klopstock with the fine title-copper and error-list. In 1751 Klopstock was invited by J.H.E. Bernstorff to stay in Denmark with royal financiel support to finish his 'Messias', of which already three songs had been published with success. In 1755 10 songs in two volumes were published, in magnificent equipment and paid by King Frederik V. The young Ludolph Henrich Lillie was the master of the printing and this work is considered one of the most beatutiful book-art of the time.
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